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she might not be so seriou

nutes, if someone can pull a hand, she might not be so serious. She 26 years old, ah, so young …… « Lele’s mother said while weeping. Mr. Wei said, « Actually, we also understand that those onlookers, who encountered such a thing dare tube ah, are afraid to stir up trouble. »Sima Nan: « doctor » Hu Wanlin tactics […]

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did not pose a threat to public

have quality problems, the vast majority did not pose a threat to public safety, the manufacturers do not need to bear responsibility. « The doctor said her various body functions have been failure, was brain dead. » Yesterday afternoon, Haidian Hospital intensive outdoor, Lele (a pseudonym) family members are sitting on a chair in the doorway waiting. […]

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he fence in front of the superm

neck » place, it was found at the fence card neck slightly wider spacing than the Apple phone. Reporters try to fence the neck into the gap, but the neck was stuck at the entrance, and obviously felt difficulty in breathing.According to media reports, November 1, 2010, Nantong City, an old woman was stuck in the […]

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head north crooked, two legs

tnesses Ms. Jia said she saw the scene of woman stuck his neck, very afraid, just want to get out. Also because of fear of not approached, as well as several witnesses.Yesterday, the incident brought to see the scene, Zhongguancun Street, Lianhu sanitation workers Ms. King is still « too scary. »Ms. King recalled that before the […]

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police woman was taken to hosp

some one, probably more than 80 years old when I look. « Women neck card guardrail onlookers none to deliver » TrackBeijing News News As of 8:00 last night, a woman still in the neck card guardrail Haidian Hospital i nike flyknit trainer sale ntensive care unit for treatment. According to his family, said the doctor told […]

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